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T3b Homologation


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L7e Homologation


Controlled Tension

It is an untamed mechanical beast. Eyes look like torch, heroic body, imposing lines. simple overall visual style, contrast color design with the frame, create a unique Controlled Tension aesthetics. Broad shoulders, sweeping hood and the sleek curvature create a modern and aerodynamic stance.


Pouncing Gesture

Sleek and flowing lines extend upward from the front to the back. Characterized by flowing surfaces. The combination and continuity of which creates what we call controlled tension.

Dynamic Powertrain Tech Design

570cc liquid cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC engine, delivers max 44hp and 48Nm of torque. The 570cc engine adopts the optimal design of insulator spark plug and optimized CAM. With the addition of electronic fuel injection system, the powertrain has good adaptability in high/low temperature and high altitude environment.


Dual Oil Column Piston Cooling System

The Dual Oil Column Piston cools the cylinder temperature rapidly. Let the speed blood continue to boil.


Liquid & Oil Heat Exchanger Cooling System

Water and oil heat exchanger cooling system improves the reliability of power output under tough off-road conditions.

Smart Moving & Smart Fun

You can access the real-time data of your vehicle through Smart Commanding System (SCS). The intelligent interaction with your vehicle leads you to epic places to ride!


AirLock - When you get close to Snarler, you can activate your vehicle by Bluetooth through your mobile phone (AirLock). You can also use the APP (cellular data) to unlock the car remotely with your mobile phone as the key.

Driving Settings - Get the Speed limit Settings, EPS Settings on your phone. Customize your Powersports for a personal fit, so you can enjoy the drive!

Security Guarantee - Add SOS emergency contact person. In case of serious collision/roll, the APP will automatically send SMS with location to the emergency contact person.

Wireless Team Up - Team up with friends. The offline map, wireless location, wireless phone help you explore everytime you ride.

Real-Time Data - Vehicle data view: residual mileage, real-time torque, horse power, EPS mode, subtotal mileage, speed curve etc.


Extreme Performance Reservoir Shocks

The front and rear Dual-A Arm independent suspension travel is 180mm and 210mm respectively, and the ground clearance is 270mm. It gives you a smooth ride over the roughest terrain.


Lightweight HC Steel Frame

The high-strength Chromium-molybdenum Steel Frame has the advantages of being lightweight and features a high level of rigidity. Our strong, robust and light frame provides a strong sense of security and a precise driving feel.


2WD/4WD Drive System + Front Diff-Lock

Snarler features a Spiral Angle Front/Rear Constant Drive Shaft, while the front axle differential enables the smooth switching between 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive.


Convenient Life Assistant

Our Electric winch can pull up to 2500 pounds and can easily help you out of any trouble. Snarler’s luggage racks feature a large, flat mounting area and high load capacity. You can quickly attach and detach accessories, for strong practicability.



Powertrain Fuel Engine
Engine/Motor Type  570 cc, 4-Stroke Single-Cylinder, DOHC Engine
Horsepower 44 hp
Torque 48 N.m
Fuel System Electronic Fuel Injection
Transmission Automatic P/R/N/L/H
Drive System 2WD/4WD
Front Diff-Lock
Engine Braking System (EBS)
Front Suspension & Travel Dual A-Arm; Front Travel: 7" (18 cm) 
Rear Suspension & Travel Dual A-Arm; Rear Travel: 8.3" (21 cm)
Shocks Fully adjustable gas shock absorbers
Wheels 14" Aluminum with Beadlock system
Tires Front Tires 26 x 8-14, Wanda
Rear Tires 26 x 10-14, Wanda
Smart Commanding System (DTU+SDC)
Dashboard Digital Screen
Smart Touch Screen -
Smart-Moving App
Vehicle Size (Length/Width/Height)  90.5 x 49.2 x 60.6" (235 x 128 x 143 cm)
Ground Clearance 10.6" (27 cm)
Seat Height 36.6" (93 cm)
Wheelbase 57.1" (145 cm)
Dry Weight 847 lb (385 kg)
Fuel Capacity 6.1 gal (23 L)
Front/Rear Rack Capacity Front: 88 lb (40 kg) / Rear: 176 lb (80 kg)
Payload Capacity 529 lb (240 kg)
Smart Electronic Power Steering (EPS)
Features 2500lb winch, hitch ball and mounting device, hand guards, passenger backrest seat, front bumper
Frame High-strength chromium-molybdenum steel frame
Cooling System Dual Oil Column Piston Cooling System + Liquid & Oil Heat Exchange Cooling System
Lights LED
Colors White/Red; Black/Blue; Black/Green
Seats 2 Seats

Photographs and illustrations of the machine may not correspond to the actual design for the Romanian market. The importer reserves the right to change the specifications.